What is the status of my PCR test results?

To check into the status of your PCR test results, once you have completed your test, follow the instructions below:

Checking the Status of Your Test Results

    Click here: https://curative.com/manage
    Enter your Appointment Reference Number that was emailed to you when signing up for a testing appointment (starting with the letters CUR...), then click Look up appointment

    You should receive a notification that a link has been sent to your email or texted to you:

    Click the link in the email, then enter in your date of birth:


    If you receive an error stating that the date of birth does not match what we have on file for you, please reach out to support@curative.com for help.

    After you enter your date of birth, you will be brought to a screen showing the exact testing status of your sample, as shown below 

    Test Status Legend

You have successfully booked your testing appointment.
You have completed your test, but the sample has not arrived at the lab for testing yet.
Your sample has been received by the lab and will begin testing soon. It typically takes 1-2 days upon receipt of the sample to our lab for your results to be ready.
Your results are ready!

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